Solar batteries

We provide you with large selection of high performance solar batteries


Batterie AGM 12V - 14 Ah 

Batterie GEL 12V - 130 Ah 

Batterie AGM 12V - 14 Ah Batterie GEL 12V - 130 Ah


Lithium Batteries :

Deep cycle batteries :

Batterie au lithium utilisable sans système de gestion 12,8V 60Ah Victron CB Description

Solar gel cell battery :


High voltage 100 Amp Solar Battery Chargers and PV System Controllers

12V solar charge controllers 

48V 20 Watt Volt Solar Charge Controller for WiFi Installations

This high power charge controller is useful when you have high voltage panels and want flexibility in the battery voltage. It can operate with solar panels up to 200 Volt open circuit, and charge batteries between 24V and 100V (including 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V, 60V or 72V batteries) by user programming. It also enables a user-determined battery temperature compensation, and can handle power up to 10 kilowatts (100 volts output at 100 amps).


It uses maximum power point tracking, allowing the energy extracted from the solar panels to be maximized.