Solar kits


Solar Kit

High quality photovoltaic kit to produce and save your solar energy :
- 3 photovoltaics solar pannels 80Wc polycristallins VICTRON (Nothway)
- 1 Solar regulator 20A 12V/24V VICTRON (Northway)
- 2 Solar batteries AGM 90 Ah - 12V VICTRON waterproof and without any maintenance needed (or 3 x batteries 90 Ah for 50% more energy saving - Option to choose)
Energy production : more than 1450 Watts per hours per day
This way you can feed inside and outside lighting, small électro household (TV,radio, laptop), one small fridge, one pumping system ...
2 years Warranty for everything
Europeans products : best performances and life time
Energy production with this solar kit can be estimated to 1200 Watts / hour (Wh) per day for south of France and more than 1450 Wh per day in DOM or Africa.