What we do

We have a mission to make this world a better place hence we envision to empower communities to adopte sustainable technologies to boost solar energy solutions.


We understand the importance of advocating for a carbon free energy system . Besides providing high quality and valuable contents to our readers we are committed to raising awareness.

We aim to provide indept information on a wide variety of issues about environmental sustainability, we provide reviews that deals, panel prices, qualities , specifications and warranty details for home owners and consumers . Diamonds solar power blog we envisage to lead the cultural transformation to 100%


With Our headquarters is in Dijon, France. We are also engaged in promoting a wide variety roof solar panel across the states of Nigeria and in providing the efficient services to allow home owners, offices, agricultural, commercial and industrial activities to generate clean green energy.

Diamonds-Solar-Power deals in photovoltaic solar pannels and solar modules batteries and solar inverters and sustainable related products.


We provide a wide range of solution for lighting your fans, radios, TVs PCs refrigerators and all. We provide these efficient and high quality devices at market leading prices.

Diamonds-solar-power is an innovative customer oriented operator for products and services of the roof solar panels. we work with global leaders and can offer our customers reliable quality products at market leading rates.


Along with our team of electrical technicians and efficient holistic sales management we guarantee a long term investment which involves supreme performance with reliability and trust.